Ovarian cyst surgery

Ovarian cyst is a medical complication characterized by collection of watery substances enclosed by a membrane in the ovary.  Ovarian cyst occurs in almost every woman regardless of age; however, they are widespread during the childbearing time. Ovarian cysts vary in size depending on the time of onset and most important the predisposing factors.  They can be as small as a bead or as large as an apple. The latter are unhealthy as they can become malignant; they need to be removed through what is known as ovarian cyst surgery.  The very small ovarian cysts are benign and therefore risk-free. This article explores the ovarian cyst surgical procedure as carried out by surgeons.

When is an ovarian cyst surgery done?

As mentioned earlier, an ovarian cyst surgery is done when the cyst grows larger than normal. Another case that justifies the operation is cancer. At times, ovarian cysts gradually become premalignant and turn into cancer. This calls for an urgent surgery to remove the mass of fluid.  A normal ovarian cyst is composed of fluid. When it starts becoming a solid mass then an operation is important to remove the cyst otherwise the patient may become infertile. What’s more, an ovarian cyst surgical procedure is essential when the cyst becomes painful. An undamaging ovarian cyst is by nature painless.

Preparations for the operation

Getting ready for an ovarian cyst surgery is similar to preparing for any other open surgical operation. Patients are asked not to take any form of medicine which can thin blood prior to the surgery. A good example is aspirin. Such drugs interfere with platelet clotting system hence increasing the rate and time of bleeding after the surgery. Again, patients are advised ‘starve’ for at least ten hours before the operation. This also reduces bleeding after the operation.

Procedure of the operation

Ovarian cyst surgery requires no less than two hours.  The patient is initially given an anesthesia to curb pain. The doctor then makes an incision within the abdomen and opens it. The next step involves tying up blood vessels that supply the ovaries. This stops for a moment blood from flowing into the ovary and consequently reduces bleeding. Thereafter, the cyst is detached and the abdomen sewed. In case cancer is found during the operation, the entire ovary or even both are removed. From the ethical point of view, the surgeon should discuss this with the patient and come to a consensus before the operation.

Ovarian cyst surgery is one way of treating or reducing the severity of ovarian cyst. It is a secure operation. However, complications may arise including infertility, bleeding, reappearance of the cyst after the operation and formation of clots of blood in the ovary. If these problems occur, a patient should call or see the doctor as soon as possible.

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