Polycystic ovarian disease diet treatment

Polycystic ovarian syndrome is one of the diseases that cause female sterility, the prominent feature of the symptoms is unable ovulating, so the ovarian only secretion estrogen and androgen, but never secretion progesterone, the estrogen can stimulation endometrial growing, while progesterone make secretion reaction of endometrial, so it lead to women infertility, can polycystic ovarian disease be cured naturally? After all, it is not an incurable disease, we can treat PCOS(polycystic ovarian syndrome)by diet remedy program.

Polycystic ovarian disease symptoms


A: Menstrual disorders and obesity

The mainly symptoms are irregular menstrual periods, abnormal of blood loss, there is sharp pain in lower abdominal when menstruation.

B: Infertility and enlarged bilateral ovarian

Due to menstruation disorders and unable ovulating, it lead to infertility after married. According to the result of laparoscopic checking, some PCOS sufferers are appear enlarged ovarian of the both sides.

C: Crinosity and acanthosis nigricans

Because of androgen gathering in the body, which cause crinosity and oily skin, some PCOS patients even get acne on the face. There is also beige pigmentation at the armpit, below of the breast, groin and the back of neck.

Polycystic ovarian disease diet treatment


The diet is very important for polycystic ovarian disease treatment, there is efficient effect if keep the diet for long term time.

1, Keep away from the food that full of saturated fatty acid and hydrogen fatty acid, such as artificial butter, fatty meat,whle milk, fried food and pastry.

2, Have more fruits and vegetables, and this can reduce the absorption rate of carbohydrates. Insisting on the blood sugar and blood lipid detection when lose weight period.

3, Choice the food that hypoglycemia, this can forbidden the blood sugar from rising too quickly, having more grain in the daily diet, if want to intake protein,fish,beans and nuts are the first take into consideration.

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