Ovarian cyst symptom

The early symptoms of ovarian cyst


Abdominal pain

If it is cyst without the complications, it usually feeling very little pain, so for ovarian cysts patients suffering especially sudden abdominal pain, which are mostly beginning to shift the pedunculated tumor or from ovarian cysts rupture bleeds and caused by infection. In addition malignant cyst more likely leading to the leg pain and abdominal pain, the pain often make patients to choice treated in hospital emergency rooms.


Abdominal neoplasm

It is the most common phenomenon of early symptom of ovarian cysts, because of the abdominal coarsen, the ovarian cysts patients may perceive their clothes or belt appear a  little tight, Or feeling by accident, the abdominal distention and full of discomfort, some heavy sufferers may bearing the abdominal neoplasm, Straining feeling of the abdominal .


Menstrual disorders

For the general ovarian cyst, even for the bilateral ovarian cysts, Because both of them do not undermine the normal ovarian tissue, so most of patients are not cause to menstruation disorders, Some uterine bleeding does not belong to internal secretion, or because of ovarian cyst leading to the distribution change of blood vessels in the pelvic ,which cause endometrial congestion and result in menstrual disorders. Or caused by directly transfer from ovarian malignant tumor to the endometrial.


Compression symptoms

Enlarged ovary can cause diaphragmatic oppression and give rise to difficulty breathing, along with heart palpitations, ovarian tumor of the merger ascites also can cause the symptoms. But some ovarian cyst is by one side or breathing difficulties caused by bilateral pleural effusion; And often with ascites form so-called the Meigs syndrome.

Ovarian cyst treatment naturally


Small tips : in our daily life, regularly to physical examination, pay more attention to your signs of ovarian cyst, if there is some badly reaction, it is better to made clear exactly what causes of the discomfort.

According to the early ovarian cyst symptoms, we can have timely treatment and avoid more risk on the body.


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