Chocolate cyst ovary symptom and treatment

According to the survey, many women are not clearly about chocolate ovarian cyst, let alone the symptoms and treatment of chocolate cyst on ovary, get the basic concepts about chocolate cysts, which is benefit for ovarian cyst treatment.


Chocolate cyst on ovary symptom


Chocolate ovarian cyst is one type of endometriosis, and the cyst about consist eighty percent of endometriosis, pathological changes of chocolate cyst ovary can affect only one side of the ovaries, but for fifty or more percent of the patients may involving bilateral ovaries. Along with the time pass by, the patients can appear dysmenorrheal symptom, lower abdominal pain persistently, menstrual disorders and infertility, as one kind pathological changes of endometriosis, the symptoms are menstrual bleeding each time, which can gradually evolved into enlarged ovary, these blood in brown color, and looks like the chocolate, So it is also called chocolate ovarian cyst, the symptoms of chocolate cyst on ovary basically as the following:

1, The irregular menses pain

Dysmenorrheal is the most obvious symptom of endometriosis, chocolate cyst on ovary is also so, the sign is also often to overlook.

2, Infertility

Because of ovarian chocolate cyst affect the function of ovarian and tubal,so it is diffcult for release eggs, which may cause infertility.

3, Abnormal menstruation

Menstrual cycle is changing with physiologic of ovarian cyst, it also cause menstrual extension sometimes, effecting the ovarian functions and lead to abnormal menstruation finaly.


Chocolate cyst on ovary treatment


There are different treatment measures according to the different patients’ physical types, the mainly treatment are surgery and hormone cure, but it is difficult relief or removal permanently, according thousands of sufferers who are overcome chocolate cyst on ovary experience, the ovarian cyst miracle help them get rid of ovarian cyst forever, it not only a cysts on ovary cure bible, but also a efficient system for how get natural inner balance.

Ovarian cyst treatment naturally

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