Polycystic ovary syndrome treatment

What steps are involved in the whole polycystic ovary syndrome treatment? Before we discuss that important matter, let us define first the said syndrome. The Polycystic ovary syndrome obviously happens only among women since they are the only human beings who have ovaries in their system. Doctors state that PCOS has no direct cause. However, it is greatly associated with the unbalanced state of hormones in a woman’s body.

A woman who has been diagnosed with PCOS has a higher level of androgens (hormones) in her system. This scenario can be considered as unusual since it has a destructive effect in a woman’s menstrual cycle. With all those androgens in a woman’s body, her eggs won’t have the chance to developed and be dispensed from her system. At times, cysts would start to grow and become larger in the ovaries. All of these things would result to a woman’s irregular menstruation.

How can one determine if she already has the polycystic ovary syndrome? Take a look at the following situations which suggest the said syndrome:

  1. Irregular menstrual cycle or too much blood dispersal during menstruation.
  2. You get fat even if you don’t eat that much. You find it hard to get back to your usual weight. Your excess fats can be found mostly in your waist area.
  3. Unusual hair strands start to grow from different parts of your body.
  4. You begin to lose more hair on your head.
  5. All sorts of acne would grow on your face and it would certainly make you uglier than you have ever been.
  6. Some parts of your body would darken all by themselves.
  7. Your diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure level would all begin to increase.

What is the actual polycystic ovary syndrome treatment? The answer to that question would be found below:

  • If your symptoms include obesity, then simply maintain a regular exercise routine. This step would not only make you thinner but it would also improve the strength of the other parts of your body such as your heart and your muscles.
  • You may also take medicines such as control pills or those tablets which can increase the level of progesterone in your body to match it with the level of androgens in your system for you to have regular menstruation.
  • Antiandrogens tablets are also helpful in keeping your androgens in a normal level.

PCOS is a condition that needs your full attention. It should be diagnosed before things get worse. Moreover, to prevent you from having cancer, unusual bleeding in your womb, infertility and serious heart complications, the Polycystic ovary syndrome treatment should be done in a proper and precise manner.

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Ovarian cyst surgery

Ovarian cyst is a medical complication characterized by collection of watery substances enclosed by a membrane in the ovary.  Ovarian cyst occurs in almost every woman regardless of age; however, they are widespread during the childbearing time. Ovarian cysts vary in size depending on the time of onset and most important the predisposing factors.  They can be as small as a bead or as large as an apple. The latter are unhealthy as they can become malignant; they need to be removed through what is known as ovarian cyst surgery.  The very small ovarian cysts are benign and therefore risk-free. This article explores the ovarian cyst surgical procedure as carried out by surgeons.

When is an ovarian cyst surgery done?

As mentioned earlier, an ovarian cyst surgery is done when the cyst grows larger than normal. Another case that justifies the operation is cancer. At times, ovarian cysts gradually become premalignant and turn into cancer. This calls for an urgent surgery to remove the mass of fluid.  A normal ovarian cyst is composed of fluid. When it starts becoming a solid mass then an operation is important to remove the cyst otherwise the patient may become infertile. What’s more, an ovarian cyst surgical procedure is essential when the cyst becomes painful. An undamaging ovarian cyst is by nature painless.

Preparations for the operation

Getting ready for an ovarian cyst surgery is similar to preparing for any other open surgical operation. Patients are asked not to take any form of medicine which can thin blood prior to the surgery. A good example is aspirin. Such drugs interfere with platelet clotting system hence increasing the rate and time of bleeding after the surgery. Again, patients are advised ‘starve’ for at least ten hours before the operation. This also reduces bleeding after the operation.

Procedure of the operation

Ovarian cyst surgery requires no less than two hours.  The patient is initially given an anesthesia to curb pain. The doctor then makes an incision within the abdomen and opens it. The next step involves tying up blood vessels that supply the ovaries. This stops for a moment blood from flowing into the ovary and consequently reduces bleeding. Thereafter, the cyst is detached and the abdomen sewed. In case cancer is found during the operation, the entire ovary or even both are removed. From the ethical point of view, the surgeon should discuss this with the patient and come to a consensus before the operation.

Ovarian cyst surgery is one way of treating or reducing the severity of ovarian cyst. It is a secure operation. However, complications may arise including infertility, bleeding, reappearance of the cyst after the operation and formation of clots of blood in the ovary. If these problems occur, a patient should call or see the doctor as soon as possible.

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How to get rid of ovarian cysts naturally

How to get rid of ovarian cysts naturally at home? This is most probably the question that you have in mind right now which has led you to this article. Well, we certainly have the answer to that query. However, before we go to the “meat” of this discussion, let us help you define what an ovarian cyst is. Actually, a cyst in one of your ovaries is not a life threatening condition. Yet it doesn’t imply that you don’t have to pay attention to it. If you just leave an ovarian cyst alone, you would certainly experience pain and if things get worse, you might bleed in some areas of your body. A doctor would normally recommend that you undergo a surgery to get rid of this complication. Nevertheless, we understand that not all women who are in this kind of situation have the money needed to undergo a minor operation. Thus, you would find below some techniques that would naturally make those cysts go away without robbing you out of your money,and back to natural holistic health all by yourself.

  • In order for your cyst to be removed from your body, apple cider vinegar with molasses can do the trick. These materials are inexpensive and they can be easily found in grocery stores so you won’t certainly have any problem in acquiring them. Just combine these things with warm water. Drink the mixture on a regular basis for 30 days. Have yourself checked by your doctor again for you to know if the remedy has created your desired changes.
  • You can also get rid of ovarian cysts naturally by combining herbal plants that you would be able to see anywhere. Shepherd’s purse, dandelion, tumeric and red root are highly recommended in this aspect. They should be mixed with water in equal proportions and you must have four servings of this mixture in a day. You must strictly follow this routine to increase the effectiveness of the herbs in your body. Again, don’t forget to have your condition updated by your physician after you are through with this natural treatment. You must be certain that the cyst is already gone.

There are still countless natural remedies that you can try aside from the above two methods that we have suggested in this article. You can always do a few more researches over the Internet. However, you need to determine first of a specific natural technique is suitable with your condition. This is because a remedy might work for bigger cysts but has a contrary effect on smaller ones. Thus, you always have to consult your doctor regarding this matter. That is all for now and we do hope that we have answered your question on how to get rid of ovarian cysts naturally.

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End ovarian cysts review

According to my experiences, I also suffered from the ovarian cysts on last few years but couldn’t find any solution and eventually I found this End Ovarian Cysts e-book which was written by Carol Foster. At the beginning, I felt quite confusion to follow the steps when I saw that there were only three steps. But when I go through, I understood that the ovarian cyst miracle book author also has suffered as same as me because she revealed that she went through the irregular periods, pain, bloating, difficulty on getting pregnant and difficulty urinating. So I understood that these steps may be the best solutions for my ovarian cysts. She has shared all her own experiences through the end ovarian cyst with providing excellent advices and solutions for women.Furthermore, this end ovarian cysts product is an e-book which can be downloaded through the official website. Though this ebook provides the knowledge about the ovarian cysts, this slightly brings out the actual suffering of this harsh medical circumstance. Another most important thing is that though the end ovarian cysts author addresses the women who suffer from the cysts, though she isn’t a medical expert, she always provides each and every detail from a tiny pain to all the symptoms which may occur with each and every recommendation or opinions of the doctors. This is another thing which draws the reader’s attention to it.

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Author of the ovarian cyst miracle ebook, Carol Foster also was a former ovarian cyst patient who was suffered more than 14 years. According to her experiences, she has tried each and every method which she can follow to relieve her pain. She was frustrated with many visits to the doctor, laboratory examinations and fake hopes while she was treated for the ovarian cyst. In all the processes she also suffered from mental torture and emotional anguish while thinking about the ovarian cysts. The pressure in mind was increased with risk that the symptoms can be developed into an ovarian cancer.

My success story about end ovarian cyst


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Ovarian cyst natural treatment remedies

How to cure ovarian cysts naturally? As we all know, ovarian cyst is one of the female diseases, which most often appear during the menopause, there are no any symptoms for the early patients, but if the symptoms appearing, such as ovarian pain and enlarged ovary, it should better start necessary remedy measures before the illness deterioration. Because cysts on ovary can cause sharp pain for some sufferers sometimes, it may result in swelling, dropsy and gain weight, and the size can as big as watermelon, many patients lead to anxiety and depression, ovarian bleeding,vomiting,nausea and various unwell of the body.

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There are some other symptoms that caused by ovarian cysts, one of the most common symptoms is stomach pain, there is also many gynecological ovarian cyst treatment solutions for choice, the doctor will take surgery only when other programs are not work. Some doctors think that ovarian cyst natural treatment is much more important than eliminate symptoms, which may be needed medical remedies or taking a hot bath, because it not only can relieve pains, but also cure all the related diseases with ovarian cysts, the natural therapy has been the most popular gynecological ovarian cyst treatment measure, the advantage of this method is that it can obviously feel curative effect in just simply 3 days, and recovery from ovarian cyst permanently in about 2 months.

If you are troubling in the ovarian cyst pain, There are three ways to remedy cyst on ovarian naturally.

  • Cut down the food that full of iron and estrogen


Cut down the food that full of iron and estrogen is also help much for the decrease to ovarian cancer,which is benefit for natural diet treatment.

  • Chinese herbal medicine


The herbal medicine can promote hormone balance, and help to regulate female reproductive system, even though it can treat ovarian cysts naturally, but the herbal medicine should directed by a physician.

  • Hydrotherapy


As we all know, taking a hot bath is good for our healthy, hydrotherapy helps stimulate the normal blood circulation of whole body, it promote ovarian functions work normally.

Ovarian cyst treatment naturally


Ovarian dermoid cyst removal at home

Ovarian dermoid cyst is one kind of ovarian germ cell tumors, like the other ovarian cyst diseases, Because it mostly occurred before the maturation and split of oocyte,it is probably caused by the failure of mature division, The cyst contents are consisted by variety of mature organization(2 ~ 3 forms),for most of them are epiblast progenitors organization, so there are squamous epithelium, sebaceous glands and nerve tissue in the cysts. Because of ovarian dermoid cysts core often tend to one side, on the higher position, it vulnerable to ovarian torsion. The cysts likely to soften if not treatment, lead to ovarian cyst rupture finaly,the content may inflow the abdominal cavity, Continue reading

How to Keep Women in Good Health

How to Keep Women in Good Health? and we will keep away from the disease like ovarian cysts, as we know that healthy is becoming more and more important in our society, especially the health of women. Women’s health problems’ impact to their families and the social are also growing.
Women is playing more and more important role in our family and daily work. So we should pay attention to the health of women.
I think the most important is to stay healthy eating and living habits. It is necessary to keep a balanced diet, eat enough vegetables which contain rich vitamin, proper meat is also needed. Avoid fried or toasted food .Do not eat too much or too least every day. We should eat three healthy meals in a regular time and eat slowly. Can drink a cup of milk when we go to bed. In this way, we can have a sweet dream and relax.
The second one, we should take an active part in sports. Exercising can help us avoid diseases, losing weight; we can be more slim and beautiful. If we run in the morning, we can breathe fresh air and the first gray of sunshine, and then we can have bright heart all day. Exercise can also give us more oxygen in the lung and help us to breathe in more oxygen. All these can make us more and more beautiful, more and more confident, so we can develop a positive self image
Another one, women also need to stay positive and happy mood every day. We can often smile to the people around us; smile can make us younger and more energetic. Fill you up with positivity and power. We have high pressure with our daily work and life; smile can reduce all of that stress you might accumulate.
The last one, women should take an active part in social activities. We can have a party with good friends every weekend, can share our happiness and sow our sadness with our best friends, then we can put all troubles aside. We can learn from our friends and develop knowledge. Some women have the feeling that it is so boring to company their husbands and children, do the same things ,such as cleaning and cooking , teaching the children. They should go out to regain confidence and beauty. Social activities can also make women get more happiness in their life.

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Polycystic ovarian disease diet treatment

Polycystic ovarian syndrome is one of the diseases that cause female sterility, the prominent feature of the symptoms is unable ovulating, so the ovarian only secretion estrogen and androgen, but never secretion progesterone, the estrogen can stimulation endometrial growing, while progesterone make secretion reaction of endometrial, so it lead to women infertility, can polycystic ovarian disease be cured naturally? Continue reading

Ovarian cyst pain relief naturally

How to relieve the pain result from ovarian cyst naturally?Cysts on ovary gradually development with time going by, which lead to sharp pain eventually, the symptom is more obvious when getting strenuous exercise, or suddenly stand up after long time sedentary, the ovarian illness is very serious when appear above symptoms. Continue reading